Saturday, December 27, 2008


My second Christmas was a lot of fun! Granddad and Aunt Lacey came and stayed at our house for a few days. Grandma and Uncle Gar came over on Christmas day and we opened presents...I got so many new toys! Mom and Dad think the toys are going to completely take over our house any day now.

Check out to see more Christmas pictures.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Arctic Blast '08

We've been having a HUGE snowstorm the past few days. We've gone out in the snow a few different times and I really don't like it!

We had a foot of snow at the end of the storm!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Latest...

It's been a while since my last post and I'm doing a few new things now. First of all, I pull myself up on everything. I like to put my toys up on the couch and stand there and play with them. I still love walking holding someone's hands and now like to walk with my walker too but I still haven't taken a step on my own.

My other new favorite thing... I LOVE to climb the stairs. As soon as the gate comes down I beeline for the stairs and climb right up. I'm very quick and think its hilarious, laughing the whole time.

I've added a few new words to my vocabulary. I say "'moo", "baa", and just yesterday started saying "quack". I say "yeah" a lot as well as "up", which I especially like to whisper. Of course, "ah oh" is still my favorite!

I'm also really into clapping, Anytime I hear someone say "yay" I start clapping :-)

I really like to read now too. I will sit and read a book by myself for a long time but especially like Mommy and Daddy to read to me. Moo, Baa, La La La was my favorite book for a long time (and the only one I would let anyone get through) but now there are a few different ones that I always choose. I have a favorite page in The Belly Button Book. Its a page with a song on it and now whenever we pick up that book I flip through to that page and start dancing. We have to sing that page 9 or 10 times each night before bed :-)

I have 8 teeth now! I have my 4 front top teeth, 3 bottom front, and 1 molar! Nobody even knew I was getting a molar and one day Mommy looked in my mouth and there it was! I'm working on another molar and my 4th bottom front as we speak. I chew on my fingers constantly and keep getting a rash around my mouth from all the drool. I can't wait till I'm done teething!

I really like all different kinds of music and LOVE to dance. Anytime I hear any music at all I start movin' and shakin'. Click this link to watch me dance: