Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Update

Wow, the past few months have been very busy! We went to Baker in July for Miner's Jubilee. I had a lot of fun watching the parade and strolling through the park.

The next weekend Mommy and I went to Spokane for Annie's wedding and to help Granddad clean out his house. Everyone said Mommy was pretty brave to take off for a six and a half hour drive by herself with a 2 year old but I did great! We stopped halfway and had a picnic lunch in a park and I got most of my energy out there and then slept for a couple of hours. I was ready to get out of the car by the end of the trip but overall I'm a very good traveller!
We saw lots of deer in the yard at Granddad's house and I asked about a hundred times, "deer doing?" I really like my cuddle time with Granddad, especially when I first wake up. It was even better when I got to bring a bunch of stuffed animals!

We went and visited Jan, Bob, JD, and Zack while we were there. I loved their dog Remi and had to know where she was at all times. Jan and I watched her float around in the pool for a while. It was so funny!

We also went next door to visit Pete and Sharon Ehrhardt and I got to help Granddad drive!

Lacey came with Mommy and I to Annie's wedding and it was a lot of fun. During the ceremony I tripped on a step and yelled "bonk!" and every time the music went off I'd announce "music off". I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on. At the reception, Mommy shared a big piece of cake with me and 10-15 minutes later I was happily busting a move on the dance floor....actually, behind the head table :-) I danced and danced for over an hour and then let Mommy know I was ready to leave by repeating over and over "van, bye bye, night night". I was very tired by the time we got home but had a great time! Here I am all dressed up for the wedding...

Back at home, we got to go to the Wash Co fair. I saw LOTS of animals and was expecially fond of the goats, or "doats" as I like to call them.

Whew, July was a busy month! Be sure to visit to see more pictures of me from the month! (There are three separate albums for July - Baker, Spokane, and Kasen - July 09.)