Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I had a great Halloween! This morning I spent some time watching a huge "cat-pee-o" (caterpillar) in the back yard.

After dinner we got ready to go trick-or-treating. I wasn't sure why I had to put on my lion outfit...

I was a little confused at the first house we went to. They let me pick my own candy and I just kept taking piece after piece. The next house made a little more sense and by the third house I had caught on to how this worked. Never letting go of Mommy's hand, I went up to the door, said "tick teat" and held out my hand for CANDY! When people tried to put it right into my "tick teat bucket" I stopped them and made sure they handed the candy to me so I could put it in my bucket on my own. The lady who answered the door at one house was a little scary so I just set my bucket on her door mat and backed away until she put candy in it. I always said "dank you" and then ran on to the next house....I knew what I was doing.

When I got home I went straight to the couch and started going through my candy. I've already organized it numerous times on each of the couches, on my Elmo table, and back into the bucket. I don't know exactly what candy is since I've never eaten any before. I'm pretty sure I just got a bucket of little wrappers to play with and its great!

Later in the evening Grandma and Trinity came over to see me trick-or-treat a little. I was really excited to go back out but wouldn't leave any of my candy behind. I put it all back in my bucket and ran out the door telling Daddy "tick teat again". It was getting pretty late and we had walked around a lot so after a few houses I told Mommy, "tired, home". Its a lot of work going to all those houses! Even though I was exhausted I still made time to sit on the couch and play with my candy some more before bed. I can't wait for Halloween next year!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Birthday Party

This afternoon Grandma and Uncle Gar came over and we celebrated my 2nd birthday! I got to open presents...lots of Yo Gabba Gabba stuff, a Thomas the Train set, my very own remote, a couple of trucks, and a new toy Jeep! Here I am opening presents and playing with my new toys...

Grandma made me a really cool train cake! Of course I loved it!

Look at how much I've changed since my first birthday!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Two!!

I'm two today!! We are going to celebrate tomorrow since it will be Saturday.

Today we went out to lunch with my great uncle Mike. He was in town from California. It was really good to see him since we don't get to very often!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My 2 Year Checkup

I had my 2 year checkup with the doctor today and everything went great! I weigh 32 lbs 8 oz (92%) and am 36" tall (94%). I am right on track with all of my developmental milestones... I feed myself all of my meals, I can easily throw and kick balls, I jump with both feet off the floor, I love to draw and color, I go up and down steps by myself, and I'm putting whole strings of words together trying to make sentences!

A little update of what I've been up to...
"What happened?" is one of my favorite expressions and I ask what happened to things ALL the time. I really like Elmo and Thomas the Train but especially LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. I also love helping clean and often ask for a paper towel or wipe and go around the house wiping things down and saying "nice and clean".

I'm becoming more and more silly and think its hilarious to say silly things. For example, the other day Daddy was asking me if different people were a girl or a boy. I got a little confused when Daddy asked what Isabelle was. He told me she was a girl but also a dog. Then he asked, "what is Daddy, a girl or a boy?" I thought about it for a minute then looked at Dad with a big smile and said "Dada's a dog!" I thought this was hilarious and laughed for a while then said, "nooooo, Dada's a boy." I'm so funny!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Fireplace

Today we lit the fireplace for the first time this year. It was making strange popping and sizzling sounds that we couldn't figure out. Then all of a sudden, it made a big POP and a little smoke came out. This is NOT supposed to happen since we have a gas fireplace. Of course, Mom and Dad turned it off right away. Once it cooled down Dad took the front apart and found the culprit...a toy I had stuffed in the top vent ages ago. I was wondering where that thing was! Dad says we were lucky it didn't do any damage other than ruining my toy....oops!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Plumper Pumpkin Patch today and I got to pick out my very own pumpkin! I was much more interested in all of the tractors driving around than I was with the pumpkins. We walked around through all of pumpkins and even went through a corn maze.

In the pumpkin patch I pointed out as many green pumpkins as I could find. I was very concerned with any pumpkins that were lying on their side and set to work setting them up straight. See pictures below...

There are more pictures from the pumpkin patch on our family website. There are also pictures of me coloring at my new Elmo table which I LOVE. I've created quite a few masterpieces there so far. I spend a lot of time coloring every day and often bring over an extra stool and firmly request that someone else color with me. I even pick out what color they get to use! Click here to see the pictures!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Update

I started off September with a trip to the hair first official haircut ever! I got to sit in an airplane and drive toy trains around the whole time. I was pretty much oblivious to what was going on on top of my head. I looked like such a big boy aftewards that Mommy cried the whole way home. Actually, she was a bit ridiculous and cried off and on the rest of the day. She said she was sad to see my curls go and that I looked so grown up that she felt like her little baby was gone and replaced by a toddler. News flash Mom, I am a toddler! :-)

Thanks to Dad, I'm officially becoming a 49ers fan. Whenever I see football on TV I yell "football, go Niners!" I have a 49ers t-shirt and if you ask me what's on it I'll tell you, "go Niners!"

We took another trip to Baker for Labor Day weekend and I got to spend lots of time with Mimi, Aunt "Dappy" (Kathy), Granddad, and Grandma Barbara. We probably won't get to see them for a few months since my baby sister will be born soon and then winter will be here. I wish they didn't all live so far away!

The next weekend we headed back to Spokane (with Daddy this time) to go to Mommy's friend Eric's wedding. We got to go to the rehearsal dinner at Pete and Sharon's the night before the wedding. They had a very nice dinner setup in their backyard. At some point Daddy let me eat an entire brownie all by myself and let me just say - delicious! About 10 minutes after I ate it Granddad, Mommy, and Daddy looked over in the yard and saw me standing by myself just wiggling every inch of my body. Woohooo sugar overload!!!

The next night we went to the wedding. I did very good during the ceremony and again announced "music off" every time the music stopped playing. During one quiet moment I tooted and said "excuse me" a little louder than Mommy and Daddy would've liked. I also asked, "Eric doing?" when they were taking their vows. Being vocal is so much fun!