Monday, June 23, 2008

8 Months Old

I'm 8 months old today and guess what... my teeth are starting to come in! Even though none of them have made their official debut, you can see the outline of the front bottom two in my gums. As a result, I'm slobbering everywhere and have to have something to chew on at all times.

I'm also getting really close to crawling. I get on my hands and knees, rock there a minute, then look up to smile at anybody who's watching me and topple over on my face. I can't wait to crawl!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love making the "pfhpfhpfhpfh" sound. That's what I'm doing in that picture --->
I do it ALL the time. It's especially funny to do it when I'm eating because I spray food everywhere!

Here's a video my grandma took of me making my favorite sound...

I had my first teething biscuit today. It was delicious! Mommy said I made the biggest mess she's ever seen. I got it on my face, hands, arms, legs, hair, clothes, and ALL over my stroller. See Mommy, I really need a high chair!

This video is from about a month ago but its pretty funny. I'm eating green beans...which I hate! I literally gag when I eat them!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Granddad's Visit

Granddad came and visited last week. It was kind of bad timing because I had another bad cold. I was really happy Granddad was here though because I didn't have to go to daycare sick and he just held me ALL day for two whole days. It's a lot of fun when he holds me because I get to play with his mustache. I did that a LOT. I was happy just as long as I was sitting on his lap or right next to him on the couch.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big Bites & New Shoes

I really love baby food. All of the fruit kinds are delicious but my
favorite is bananas. Whenever I eat them I say "mmmmm" with every bite. I don't like the veggies as much but for the most part, they're ok. I really don't like green beans though. They literally
make me gag every few bites...yuk! Mommy and Daddy say I'm a really good eater because I open my mouth as wide as I can so they know I'm ready for the next bite.

Mommy got me my first pair of Nike shoes!! I like them a lot and really feel like a big boy when I'm wearing them. They feel different than my other shoes so I like to touch them a lot. They are a size 3c and they fit just perfect but I think Mommy might exchange them for a 4c so i can wear them longer.

I also really liked the box my shoes came in. I played with it for almost an hour :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Big Boy Car Seat

I got a new car seat this weekend and got to ride in it for the first time today! I could see out the window really well. We were sitting at a stop light and every time a car would drive by in the next lane I would jump... I'm not used to being able to see other cars!

In my old car seat, I used to fall asleep the minute we started moving. Now I can see so much stuff that I stay wide awake the whole time. I love my new car seat!!