Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big Bites & New Shoes

I really love baby food. All of the fruit kinds are delicious but my
favorite is bananas. Whenever I eat them I say "mmmmm" with every bite. I don't like the veggies as much but for the most part, they're ok. I really don't like green beans though. They literally
make me gag every few bites...yuk! Mommy and Daddy say I'm a really good eater because I open my mouth as wide as I can so they know I'm ready for the next bite.

Mommy got me my first pair of Nike shoes!! I like them a lot and really feel like a big boy when I'm wearing them. They feel different than my other shoes so I like to touch them a lot. They are a size 3c and they fit just perfect but I think Mommy might exchange them for a 4c so i can wear them longer.

I also really liked the box my shoes came in. I played with it for almost an hour :-)

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