Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This just in...

Guess what I got today... my first tooth! At approximately 5:30pm my bottom right front tooth made its debut. Mommy could see it in there and had been feeling my gums non-stop all day long and finally it was there! The bottom left front is close behind and will hopefully poke through tomorrow. It's about time...they've only been visible and trying to come in for two months! Last night Mommy and Daddy noticed my top front two are almost in too! We'll see how long it takes them to actually poke through though.

My latest new trick is to play peek-a-boo all on my own. I hold my blanket up until somebody asks where I am then I pull it down and laugh. This game is so much more fun now that I can do my part on my own!

I'm talking up a storm now and making all kinds of new sounds. "bah bah bah" and a whispered "p p p" are my favorite but just ask Daddy, I've also been known to say "da da da da". :-) As hard as Mommy works with me I still haven't said "mama"... she's convinced I'm just holding out to make that my official first word :-)

I'm also still into the "pfhpfh" sound only now I've added my tongue and a lot more slobber to the mix. In addition to my non-stop jabbers, I make this noise constantly. It's especially fun when I'm eating. To see me in action earlier today, check out this video...

Click Here for my Eating and Laughing Video
(To watch the video in high quality, once in youtube click "watch in high quality" located below Views just under the right corner of the video. It may take longer to load but the video is much clearer.)

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