Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Trip

Mommy and I had so much fun in Baker. We spent a few nights with Great Aunt Kathy. I took a bunch of toys and made a huge mess in Kathy's living room.

Great Grandma came over every afternoon and we got to spend lots of time together. We played pat-a-cake and she taught me how to crazily wave my arms around in the air. I loved standing at her walker because it had a bar that was the perfect height for me.

Granddad came over and visited in the evenings and we got to read bedtime stories together.

After we spent a few nights in Baker we headed out to the ranch for a couple days. Of course, I had to get a good nap in on Granddad's chest.... it's still my favorite place to sleep!

I got to see almost the whole Lewis clan. Teagan and I crawled around and played together a little. Mostly we just stared at eachother :-)

On our way home we stopped to say goodbye to Great G-ma and G-aunt Kathy. I love my great g-ma so much I leaned over and pressed my face against hers (my version of a kiss) for a long time before we left. I'm going to miss her a lot but hopefully we'll make another trip to Baker again soon!

It was a lot of fun visiting with everyone but man, was I exhausted! I fell asleep just outside of Baker (holding my socks) and slept for 4 hours...almost all the way to Portland!

Be sure to visit our family website to see more pictures from our trip!

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