Monday, January 19, 2009

The past couple weeks...

Well, I'm still not quite walking yet but am SO close. Walking is my absolute favorite thing to do, but I have to convince someone to hold my hands while I do it. The other day Mommy and I went to the park and walked around for an hour and a half straight! I can walk by myself but won't. Sometimes when Mommy is holding my hand she'll let go and I don't notice and keep walking anyway. As soon as I realize her hand is gone I just sit down. One of these days maybe I'll get brave and just walk off on my own.

I've got my third molar now and am working on the 4th, along with a cuspid... ouch!

Every now and then my Mom takes care of our neighhbors' twin babies. Because of them I have a new word. Whenever I see them I say "baby"! Actually, it sounds more like "bay-bay" but I know what I mean. I say "up" ALL the time now. Anyone who is standing around will most likely find me standing at their leg with my arms outstretched saying "up, up, up". Even though they may not want to pick me up, nobody can resist how cute I look and sound when I'm saying it :-)

One of my favorite things to do is play on the couch. Its another great way to put my "up" word to use. I love to climb and have figured out how to get up on the foot stool and then onto the couch by myself. Once I'm up there I like to go back and forth across the couch and sometimes just sit there next to whoever happens to be there. Its also my favorite place to have my afternoon snack. Daddy taught me how to get down safely which makes it much less stressful for Mommy.

I discovered a new hilarious activity today. I put a dishtowel on my head and crawl all over the house. I go really fast and laugh the whole time. I hope I don't bump into anything...

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