Friday, January 30, 2009

15 Months

Well, I'm officially 15 months old now. I weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 27.8 lbs. I'm growing like a weed!!

I got yet another tooth a couple days ago. This one is my top left cuspid. I think I'm up to 12 teeth total now. I'm working on both of my lower cuspids now and my gums are SO swollen! I can't wait until this teething business is over and done with.

I'm learning to feed myself with a spoon/fork now. The first few times I tried, most of the food ended up on my tray and the front of my bib. I've pretty much got it figred out now. As long as I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can the majority of the food makes it in.

I'm starting to talk more and more and randomly repeat things Mommy and Daddy say. They are learning very quickly to watch what they say! I have a few stuffed monkeys that I love and I often hand them to Mommy and say "beep-o". She'll ask me to say "monkey" over and over and "beep-o" is what comes out every time. Getting the right sounds to come out of my mouth is hard work! I'm figuring out how to communicate better each day though. I've added "no" to my head shake when I don't want something so I'm making some progress. Daddy also taught me to say "boo". When someone says "peek a" I say "boo"!

Of course, I still LOVE walking. I'm very particular about which finger I hold onto when I'm walking with someone. It has to be the pointer finger on their right hand, in my right hand. I will sit down and pout if you try to hold my hand any other way. We don't have to do that as often now though because...I've finally learned to walk with my walker!! Now that I've figured this out, I pretty much just walk and walk and walk ALL day. I occasionally stop to play with something but the walker is always by my side so I can grab it and go easily.

Sometimes I will stop walking and let go and just practice standing there. Mommy encourages this by getting me to stop and clap while I'm standing. Whenever I clap, I squat down to make sure I have my balance. Of course, I'm very proud of myself and always look around smiling to see if anyone was watching me. As shown in the picture to the left, I also squat when I need to turn the walker.

When I'm not walking, I still prefer to crawl with some type of footwear on my hands. Mom and Dad have noticed I am also particular about which hand the shoes are on... the left shoe MUST be on my left hand and the right on my right. If you put the shoes on the wrong hands I will stop, furrow my brow, and immediately change them to the correct hand. I can even instantly tell the difference with Mommy's slippers that she has to examine before putting on because they both look the same!

I have two new videos of my walking with my walker. Be sure to watch them both!

Click here to watch Day 1 of me walking with my walker!

Click here to watch Day 3 of me walking with my walker!

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