Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Latest

I'm getting better and better at walking every day. All I do ALL day long is walk around and I love it! I rarely fall down now...mostly just when I'm tired. You'll rarely catch me walking empty handed. I usually carry a toy but can often be seen with Isabelle's ball. I run around saying "ball" and "dog" and I love to wave it in front of her face and take off so she'll chase me. On the flip side, I get VERY upset when she gets it out of my hand and runs off. One of these days I'll really be able to run and she won't be able to catch me!

With my walking also comes quite a few new bruises and my head takes most of the blows. I seem to run into the kitchen table on a daily basis, which inevitably adds a new bruise to my forehead.

I am suddenly very interested in my socks and say "ocks" a lot. Mommy used to have the hardest time keeping socks on my feet and now right when I wake up I point to my dresser, say "ocks" and stick my foot out. I've also learned what "night night" means and shake my head and run the other way when Mommy and Daddy say its time to go there.

The past couple of weeks I've taken a greater than ever interest in talking. I try to say everything I hear (watch out Mom and Dad) but I also talk a lot of gibberish. My latest understandable words are "mama", "dada", "socks", "bath" and "owww". And although "yes" is not yet in my vocabulary, to my parents delight (note the sarcasm here) I've mastered how to say "no".

Well its time for me to go to that not-so-fun place they call "night night" but be sure to click here to watch my new walking video!

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