Friday, February 6, 2009

I Can Walk!!

Yup, you read right...I finally figured out how to walk all by myself!

Tuesday afternoon I was walking along with my walker and Mommy had something on the couch across the room that I wanted. I forgot that I've been too scared to walk alone and just took off towards the couch. I made it the whole way...about 5 feet! Mommy was so excited and I had no idea why, I was just happy I'd gotten the toy I was going for. Then she started putting me in the middle of the room and having me walk to her. I made it all the way to her the very first time and then I understood what all the excitement was about. I shrieked and laughed the whole time! We did this a few more times but then I fell pretty hard and refused to walk the rest of the afternoon. When Daddy got home he and Mommy sat across the room from each other and I walked back and forth between them over and over until I was completely exhausted and had to go to bed.

Wednesday morning Mommy had me walk from her to the couch over and over. One time I was walking towards her and just turned and walked all over the whole house! I went clear to the front door, into the bathroom, and then turned around and walked all the way back to Mommy!

Now that a few days have gone by I'm getting more and more brave. Every now and then I just take off from the couch and go for a stroll. I'm not so worried about having somebody behind me anymore and have figured how to mostly fall on my tush instead of my face. I also try to run but really I'm just stomping my feet really fast but barely making any forward progess at all. I laugh really hard when I do this, which usually causes me to fall down.

Click here to watch the video of me walking!

I'm saying a few new words now too. "Unch" means lunch and "otts" means pants. Mom is constantly stopping me and saying she needs to roll up my pants so I don't walk on them. Now when she says that I look down at my pant legs and say "otts". "Ball" is one of my favorite words these days. I love to look through books and point to and announce each ball that I find. I've discovered that people think I'm really cute when I say "boo" so I try to use this word often. I say it when I'm putting on a shirt and my head pokes through and also when I hide behind things and peek out (sometimes I say "boo" before anybody can see me). I also like to say "bupp" whenever anybody burps, its funniest when its myself. I still say "dog" a lot. If Isabelle starts barking when she's outside I yell "DOG!" as loud as I can. I got this from Mom and Dad because they always yell out the door at her when she barks... they really need to be careful of the example they're setting for me because I pick up on everything!

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