Monday, March 24, 2008

Granddad and Aunt Lacey visit

I turned 5 months old yesterday (also Easter)!! I'm really working hard on learning to roll over and sit up. I'm also getting pretty strong at pushing myself up when I'm on my tummy. I will probably be on the move in another month or so.

Granddad was here visiting last weekend. We had SO much fun! He stayed home with me Friday while Mommy went to work. I slept on the couch right next to him for a couple hours. Every now and then I'd stir and he'd just put his hand on me and I'd go right back to sleep. Here's a picture he took of me when I was sleeping there:

Granddad is so funny...he just makes me laugh and laugh. I love to cuddle up with him too. Whenever he holds me I just nuzzle into his neck and relax. I miss him a lot when he's gone. I wish he lived closer. I will get to see him in about a month though when we go to Baker. Here's a picture of us:

Aunt Lacey was here this weekend. She's a lot of fun too. Every time I look at her she makes me smile and laugh. We went shopping on Saturday and I helped her spend Granddad's money :-) She's going home tomorrow and I'm going to miss her. I will probably see her in Baker too though. I don't have any new pics of us right now but here we are on my birthday:

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