Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My 4-month Check-up

I'm feeling much better today. My cold is almost gone...just a few sniffles left to clear up. Its too bad mommy caught my germs - probably because she was cuddling me the whole time I was sick.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 4 month checkup. I found out I weigh 16 lbs 14 oz (75th percentile) and I'm 26 inches tall (80th percentile). When I was born I weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches tall. I can't believe how much I've grown! I had to get 3 shots when I was there. I cried pretty hard during the pokes but I had to have an oral vaccine too and it tasted yummy and made me forget my shots. My doctor said I'm a very strong and healthy boy!

Last night, I was sitting on mommy's lap and she and Isabelle were playing tug-of-war with one of Isabelle's toys. Izzy kept grabbing the toy and thrashing her head around over and over. Every time she did that I would laugh out was SO funny! Here's a picture of me and Isabelle about a month ago...

Ok, I'm off to bed. Granddad is coming to visit tomorrow so I have to get rested up!

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