Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Uncle Mike Visits

Well the antibiotics really helped...I'm back to my normal self :-)

My great uncle Mike was here visiting a few days ago. It was my first time meeting him and we had a lot of fun. Here we are...

The first night he was here we had dinner at Grandma's house with Uncle Gar, my 4 cousins and their mom, my Aunt Angela. Here's me with my cousins (Trinity-8, Kailynn-3mos, Domonic-almost 4, and Tamorah-almost 2)

The next night Great Uncle Mike, Grandma and Uncle Gar came over to our house and we played and played.
That's Grandma's dog Precious in the picture with us :-)

I don't get to see Great Uncle Mike very often because he lives in California, along with most of my family from Daddy's side. We had a lot of fun when he was here though and hopefully he will come back soon!

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