Friday, May 1, 2009

Doopa-dah and More

"All gone" has become on of my most used statements. I say this about anything and everything that disappears; food, toys, etc. I hold my hands up and say "all gone" over and over until someone notices. A new game I play is to hide my toys in the couch cushions and say "all gone" and then pull the toy out and laugh hysterically.

Speaking of the couch, I have figured out how to climb on it all by myself. I learned how to get down quite a while ago so I spend a lot of time climbing up and down. Luckily I'm very cautious so Mommy doesn't get too nervous watching me.

I've also started pretending. The other day Mommy let me play with an empty cracker box and I sat down and pretended to pull crackers out and eat them. I also pretend to eat the pictures of food in my books. Most of my pretending has to do with eating but I also walk around and talk on my cell phone all the time. I say "hi" and "bye bye" over and over again. Pretending is such a fun game!

I LOVE to push my toys with wheels around. I have a car that unfolds to be a was what I used to learn to walk....and Mommy and Daddy tried to put it away but I had a fit. I play with it every single day. I push it around and run into things on purpose and say "bonk!" I "bonk" my little cars too. Its hilarious!

Another word I use often is "burp". I announce this any time I burp or toot. I always say it loudly and am not afraid to make announcements in public. Oh yeah, and I'm not limited to my own bodily noises so watch out!

Those are a few of my latest words but my most favorite is one I made up, "doopa-dah." My parents are pretty sure its my version of singing because I started saying it whenever I heard someone else singing. I say it at least 10 times a day, usually when I'm excited, sometimes yelling, sometimes whispering, and sometimes singing. Now Mommy and I use it to communicate when we can't see eachother. If she has to run upstairs to throw a load of laundry in the washer I stand at the gate at the bottom of the stairs and yell "doopa-dah!" up to her until she says it back to me. We do this over and over until she comes down. She's not afraid to run upstairs for a minute because she knows I'll be "doopa-dah"-ing to her and will always be standing right there waiting for her when she comes down.

Did I mention I'm going to be a big brother? "DOOPA-DAH!!"

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