Friday, May 22, 2009

My New Words

I have a few new words that I've added to my vocabulary. "Wa-wai" which means water, "stuck" which I say for anything and everything that I can't move or get to, and "eat" which of course I say perfectly.

I have mastered the word "shoes" and following my obsession, talk about them all the time. I'm very particular about where people put their shoes once they take them off and will demand them to be moved if they're not in a location to my liking. I will try on anybody's shoes and walk around a little but mostly love slippers and flip flops. Shoes are definitely not allowed on the couch so when I sit there I ask to have mine taken off and then make sure anyone else on the couch takes theirs off too.

I also say "doo" (or cool) now too. The other day Mommy made a square out of some of my blocks. She held it up to me and said "cool" to which I replied, "doo". Now everytime somebody says something is cool I run and get my square of blocks. I'm pretty sure it's called a cool.

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