Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sandy Snail, etc.

I got a new toy... a Sandy Snail rocker! I figured out how to rock it as soon as I sat on it the first time. I'm getting pretty brave and I stand up and rock and sometimes lean clear forward to look at Sandy's face. I giggle and laugh the whole time I'm on it. It's so much fun!

I'm getting more and more mobile now. I scoot all around the house backwards but haven't quite got the crawling forward thing down yet. I'll crawl forward a step or two but always have to make sure I can sit back up.

I've figured out how to say "ah oh" really well now and say it ALL the time. Mommy even heard me over the monitor say this right when I woke up this morning...right after I turned on my gloworm :-) I only have a few words but this is definitely my favorite one.

I keep forgetting to mention my latest eating habit. As soon as I have a tray of food I pick out a bite of whatever is my favorite and hold it tight in my left hand for the entire meal. I eat everything else with my right hand and throughout my meal I'll periodically check to make sure my special bite is still there. When I'm done with everything else then I eat the bite out of my left hand. I've been doing this a few weeks now at every meal!

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angela said...

Do you think this has any simularities to you segragating your food? =o)