Thursday, October 2, 2008

I can CRAWL!

I finally learned how to crawl!!! Last night I crawled a few feet, stopped to take a break, and crawled a few feet more. Today I'm all over the house! There's so much to explore. Unfortunately, I'm learning what "no" means too... I keep crawling over to Daddy's computer cords :-(

Daddy taught me a new game.... we growl at each other like monsters! I love this game and will growl at anyone who will play with me. Here I am growling at the camera and riding my car at the same time -->

I've discovered that I really like to dance. Every time I hear music, especially a song with a good beat, I start dancing. I can dance sitting down and standing up (when someone's holding on to me of course). I've also learned a couple of new words. I say "yuck" and "up" now :-)

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