Monday, October 19, 2009

My 2 Year Checkup

I had my 2 year checkup with the doctor today and everything went great! I weigh 32 lbs 8 oz (92%) and am 36" tall (94%). I am right on track with all of my developmental milestones... I feed myself all of my meals, I can easily throw and kick balls, I jump with both feet off the floor, I love to draw and color, I go up and down steps by myself, and I'm putting whole strings of words together trying to make sentences!

A little update of what I've been up to...
"What happened?" is one of my favorite expressions and I ask what happened to things ALL the time. I really like Elmo and Thomas the Train but especially LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. I also love helping clean and often ask for a paper towel or wipe and go around the house wiping things down and saying "nice and clean".

I'm becoming more and more silly and think its hilarious to say silly things. For example, the other day Daddy was asking me if different people were a girl or a boy. I got a little confused when Daddy asked what Isabelle was. He told me she was a girl but also a dog. Then he asked, "what is Daddy, a girl or a boy?" I thought about it for a minute then looked at Dad with a big smile and said "Dada's a dog!" I thought this was hilarious and laughed for a while then said, "nooooo, Dada's a boy." I'm so funny!

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